The Best Hotels to Stay in Antalya, Turkey For Your Holiday


Turkey is a nation that draws tourists from all over the world and its airport is the third busiest airport in Europe. That comes as a surprise to many who think that Frankfurt or Amsterdam would be next after Heathrow in London and Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. With over 61 million people touching down in Turkey every year, the country has proven itself to be a holiday destination for many people. With a unique representation of a country that represents both Europe and the traditional face, Turkey is rich in cultural and historical heritage, apart from having stunningly beautiful landscapes that could enchant any visitor. Antalya in Turkey is the eight most populous city in the country with over a million inhabitants. If you are planning a trip to Antalya, here are a few hotels that are considered to offer you the best holiday experience.


  • Baia Lara

This hotel is located on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea and it offers breathtaking scenic vistas from its hotel. With the city of Antalya just located 17 kms away and the airport only a distance of 15 kms, you are connected to any place you wish to travel to without having to travel far. Watch spectacular sunrise and sunsets from the beach, get kissed by the Antalya sun and relax in the various pools or watch your kids enjoy themselves in the Aqua Park. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or you have to catch up work, the different forms of entertainment planned for its guests will keep you busy throughout your holiday while the wifi provided throughout the hotel will make sure that you’re connected to share the experience. The standard room will set you back $180 onwards.



  • IC Hotels Residence

This is an all inclusive hotel that will offer you the best of your holiday experience. Indulge yourself with the best of imported and domestic wines and alcohol, Spa massages, Sports, water sports, games and much more. There are a myriad of activities and entertainment planned for the visitors to participate in with their families and friends which includes t shirt painting, face painting, shuffleboard, movie clubs, bowling and more which can keep the little ones entertained and professional dance shows, musical performances, Turkish night acrobatic shows , circus, live music and karaoke at night. It can be a little pricy so be sure t book in advance to get great early bird deals.

  • Akra Barut

This hotel offers stunning views of the Mediterranean and for tourists who are looking to see the scenic sights around the region will find that they are close to the Düden Waterfalls which are 6 kms away or even only a 7 km distance from Antalya Museum and Hadrian’s Gate. There is a private beach where you can lounge in, four pools to choose from, tennis courts and more. Although the amenities are more than enough at Akra Barut, you’ll find yourself appreciating the scenic views offered in this hotel more than anything. There is also Karaalioglu Park, Hidirilik tower, Clock Tower and Antalya Harbor within a 4 km radius from the hotel. The prices for the rooms are very reasonable and with such a great location, it proves to be a steal deal every time you stay there.

  • Barut Lara

This sea front hotel offers what you would come to expect in any luxurious hotel. Indulge yourself in one of the 12 restaurants, swimming pools with water slides, gym, bars and more. If you want to rejuvenate yourself, head to the spa which has a Turkish bath included. If you wish you can even play tennis, squash or archery. With direct beach access, you’ll find that you wouldn’t want to travel too far from the comforts of this hotel.



Quick Trip Suggestions For an Antalya Holiday


There are many things that you could do while on your holiday in Antalya. While you may wish to lounge about your hotel and take in the beautiful scenery, here are a few day trip suggestions so that you can pack the most into your holiday. Whether you are on holiday for a few days or for a whole week or even more, these essential sights and activities will keep you entertained for our limited holiday time.


  • Kaleiçi

This city is the Old City and is surrounded by ancient walls and you will be greeted by the towering ancient Hadrian’s Gate that was built nearly two millennia ago. The Yivli Minaret Mosque and the Hıdırlık Tower are great sightseeing stops and the souvenir shopping will make you while away a lot of time as you browse through shops selling hand woven rugs which are an integral part of Antalya. Take a stroll on the streets that take you to the harbor, admire the ancient architecture or take part in the vibrant night life – the choice is yours.



  • Kemer

This is an extremely tourist friendly beach and you can get your sun tan as you lounge on the beach of Çıralı, walk through the ancient cities of Olympos, Khimaira and Phaselis or enjoy the cool azure waters of the Mediterranean.

  • Beaches

Antalya is marketed as a haven for those seeking the sun, sand and sea combination with a beautiful climate to bless the tourists with. As a visitor looking for these three, you are spoilt for choice. You could go to Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, Kaputaþ Beach located between Kalkan and Kaþ, the Adrasan coast, Patara Beach where the sea turtles can keep you company, Phaselis Beach near the ancient city which offers spectacular views of both the forest and the mountains and more.


  • Boat Tours

You’re in the Mediterranean and this should be reason enough to head out into the waters to be truly one with the environment. The azure waters beckon and you must follow. These are also a great way of seeing the city if you are strapped for time. You can visit the tiny holiday location of Kaþ which lies on the remains of the ancient city of Antiphellos or travel to the Blue Cave near Kaputas. There are also daily boat tour services that can take visitors to Tersane Bay, Keova Island, Bayındır Port and Kaleköy.

  • The Caves of Antalya

Not only is Antalya blessed with splendid Mediterranean beaches as well as mountain views, it also has some spectacular caves like Karain which dates back a million years and there are archeological remains scattered around which reveal artifacts dating to the Palaeolithic Age as well as the Roman Empire. It is one of the largest naturally formed caves in Turkey. The Dim and Damlataş Caves have thousands of stalactites and stalagmites that draw visitors from all over the world and rumors say that the air inside the caves can help cure illnesses like asthma or rheumaticism. Altınbeşik cave is considered to be the most beautiful cave in Turkey so there are enough caves to explore and be fascinated by.

  • Ancient Cities

Antalya is rich in ancient archeological ruins and there are certain cities that should feature on your must-see lists. Cities like Side, Myra, Termessos, Olympos, Phaselis and Perge should be on the list while the Lycian Way is a great journey too. If you don’t have the time to see these ancient cities, then the Museum of Antalya is a great start to view the excavated findings from the region and this is open on all days with Monday being the exception.


Tips On Choosing A Hotel In Antalya


When deciding upon the choice of hotel to stay in for the duration of your holiday may seem like a simple click and choose from the various options given on websites today, you have to keep in mind certain factors that may influence your decision. Location matters a lot, especially if you are travelling alone and certain mistakes can be made when you end up paying more for an unsuitable hotel. But how do you prevent these mistakes from occurring? Read on.


  • Do you like traveling alone?

The trends for solo travelers on holiday have shot up increasingly over the years and this is a very important point to keep in mind when booking your hotel. You should choose a hotel that caters to single men and women and there are many such hotels all over Antalya. They have smaller rooms that cater to single travelers with smaller restaurant tables. Depending upon the type of hotel you decide to stay in, certain activities can be arranged by the hotel. These activities can include but are not limited to gym access, bowling clubs, play room with board games and more. These hotels ensure that their guests are suitably entertained and while they may not be as lavish as certain five stars, they are easier on the budget while making your stay comfortable.


  • Is it a family vacation?

This is particularly important as you want to choose a hotel that has all the amenities to keep children entertained. These hotels should have playgrounds, baby-sitting services, entertainment aimed at children and mini clubs where you can leave your children for a few hours while you go for a stroll. Keep an eye out for amusement machines and a hotel restaurant which has a dairy menu may be an added plus.

  • If you’re holidaying with friends

This means that you can rent a minibus and travel around as the cost will be cheaper due to the expenses being divided. You can get better rooms and perhaps even one with a Jacuzzi – the choice is really up to you. Usually you get better deals if you travel in a larger group.

What must you keep in mind when selecting a hotel?

  • Any dietary restrictions

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you wouldn’t want to choose a hotel where the restaurant caters mainly to the non-vegetarian crowd. The aromas of food may spoil your holiday for you. Do your research on public forums and more.

  • Extra Charges

Sometimes you may avail of a service while under the impression that it is a complimentary service and may get hit with a certain fee later. Make sure that you are aware of all hidden charges so that you can weigh in the pros and cons with other hotels on your list.


  • Location and type of hotel

Is it located in the city center or is a hotel with a young vibe with a nightclub nearby? The last thing you would want is to be disturbed by loud music in the middle of the night when you’re on holiday with your family.

  • Language Proficiency

You are travelling to a different country and language may be a barrier in many ways. Check from the hotel’s website and other public forums whether that hotel has staff that is able to understand English fluently. You don’t want to spend a good amount of your holiday trying to translate what you want. This will also make your life easier. Review the hotel website carefully before locking down on your choice.