5 Star Holidays In Antalya


Antalya is a jewel of turkey. It lies on the western side of the Mediterranean coast. It is statistically numbered as one of the most visited cities in the entire world. There is everything for you to discover ranging from the cobbled streets of the Ottoman era to the active shops, restaurants, and bars. You have all to see as you take some time to enjoy your holidays at Antalya city in Turkey. The sandy beaches are full of golden ribbons of sand and these in turn make way for the azure waters that are crystal clear. Such is a perfect place for the beach lovers to relax as they sunbathe while watching the world go by. Away from the busy seas front, the bazaars, mosques, and Turkish hammams are perfect for the visitors who do not need to be on the busy water fronts. A visit to Antalya will wipe away any other memory that you have had for holiday tours since the Mediterranean escape is unforgettable.


Places to go

Get away from the coastline and enjoy a holiday away to Cappadocia. These striking features are a bizarre for all to see. They were formed from antique volcanoes. They have since been carved into chimneys and other geographical formations that will practically mesmerize you and your entourage.

There is also a one in a life time trip on a hot air balloon as you admire the views of the chimneys and the geographical formations that are made by the Cappadocia. Let your eyes feast on the excellent creations and habitats that are available on the city Antalya.

Antalya castle gives you the perfect opportunity to view the history and heritage of the city that is built on formations of Roman and Byzantines.

Istanbul, the only city in the world to span two continents is within Turkey. You will see Istanbul for free and you can therefore guess and see that the trip to Antalya will be more than a five star visit.

Things to do

What is better than relaxing on a cruise where you view the beaches and the city at a memorable sight? A cruise can accommodate as many people as more than one hundred and your experience is wonderful. The Mediterranean resort is within the city of Antalya. Why should you fail to enjoy a bite or two in this great hotel? Food is mouth watering in many of the hotels in the city and those along the beach.


You may also enjoy golf courses both for the amateurs and professionals. The sun rays are pretty much visible within the city and you will definitely need some sun glasses to cover your eyes.

Tranquility to visitors is offered perfectly at the Colakli village. It is a quiet village that gives you the feeling of home. It has two entrances: A & B.

Moreover, other areas that are within reach and you can visit are the Green Canyon and the Manavgat caves. A holiday in Antalya is not just a holiday. It is an exploration.


Top Deals For Antalya

Antalya is a city that has been conquered and occupied by several people in the past. The occupants of the city range from Ancient Greeks, Ottoman Empire, Romans, and everyone that occupied the city in the medieval times. This Turkish city is borderedby the Bey Mountains on three sides and the fourth has the beautiful Aegeab Sea. Grab a slice of the city and be a teller of the tales of the city. The city is an ideal place for you and family to have fun. Ensure that you get to visit this great city if at all you worship the sun, if you are a recreational archaeologist, and a beach front person who needs new experiences in holiday visits and tours.


  • Lose yourself in Antalya

The history of the city of Antalya is felt first hand once you choose to explore the city by bus. The archaeological delights of the Romans are well visible on bus, the restored buildings of the Ottoman quarter of kaleici, and the spirituality that comes with the Greek gods in the museum within the city. Many artifacts in the town can be seen during the day as you travel to Purge.

The months of September and October are the ones that have festivals in the city, and it is these festivals where you get to learn about the traditions and cultures of the inhabitants of the city in a faster manner. Do not miss any of the activities if they are held in an area that you can access easily from your place of residence.

  • Beaches

There are two main beaches in the city of Antalya: Lara and Konyaati. The more glamorous of the two beaches is the beach of Lara. It has golden sands and sparkling waters that are warm, and the waters are overlooked by four and five start hotels. What more do you need at Lara beach? Basically nothing more.


At the end of the city is the Konyaati beach which has waters that are cooler than Lara. This is due to the underground creek that flows to the sea. Due to the rising temperatures of the city, this beach could present a better option for those people who come visiting with their families. They get to enjoy since the surrounding is cool and the kids cannot be affected by the weather.

  • Hotels

In Antalya, the best hotels are available here. They serve the best meals that combine the Turkish culture and some other cultures of the world. This makes the city an ideal place for diverse people to visit since they are catered for as far their cultures are concerned. You will eat what suits you best based on the culture that you come from.


  • Clubs

Clubs are available within the hotels and others outside the hotels. If you prefer to enjoy late in to the night as you dance your stress out, you may do that since live bands fill the air every weekend in and of the hotels.


Great Ambience of Antalya resorts

Antalya is a place that can handle all people regardless of income levels. Do not feel that you will be out of place as if the place is only for the well off families and individuals. In fact, you might be surprised that a good number of the hotels can be reached even by low income earners making the town of Antalya affordable by many and accessible by all. There is no restriction of entry. Everyone has access to the city and spending is based on what you can afford in the city.

  • Citrus garden hotel

Zona PozzoThe Citrus Garden1

Your stay in this hotel always exceeds the expectation that you had before arriving. The welcoming that you receive is very warm, and it is accompanied with big contagious smiles and a glass of cold juice. The rooms in the hotel are brand new, superb designs, and very neatly arranged. The hotel has been highly regarded by everyone who visits, and it definitely a hotel that caters for your pocket. There is no exaggerated price for anything in the hotel. You pay the best price for quality service. The hotel provides tour guides and recommendations for the best places to visit in the city. It is the best hotel that charges cheaply.

  • Kervansaray Hotel Kundu

Looking for a place where your budget does not get beyond your maximum error rate? Kervansaray Hotel Kundu is the place to be. It has one of the best services in the town, and it offers services that go beyond what many people expect it to have in the hotel.

Workers in the hotel are extremely friendly giving you the reception that you deserve as you stay in the hotel. The pools are well kempt, and the rooms are clean. Internet connection is available at the public gallery even though personal connection is availed at an extra cost. You will definitely enjoy your easy stay here devoid of disturbances from anyone since you are your own boss.

You might choose to have breakfast in the hotel or outside. Any choice for food is entirely left at your discretion since the management does not want to make it as an obligation that you should have your meals in the hotel. You will definitely enjoy your stay here. Find your way here in haste. Do not turn back.


Televisions in the rooms work well and the rooms are also fitted with air conditioners. You have no cause of alarm since even the kids have been catered for through provision of cot beds that they can lay on. Moreover, the pools have fresh water, and there is a public pool for the kids where they enjoy together under the close eye of an adult and professional swimmer. The supervisory of the adult swimmer is to ensure that any kid that might get overwhelmed by the waters is catered for within the right time to avoid fatalities as a result of drowning in the pool. An aqua park is available for you. Make your way here.


Great  Antalya Resorts: An Awesome Experience

The city of Antalya has some of the best five star hotels that offer exquisite services to everyone regardless of race, gender, and origin. You will not be victimized in any of the hotels in the city of Antalya on the basis of anything. The services that are offered in the hotels will only make you come again and become an ambassador of the city by choice.

  • Porto Bello Resort & Spa

This is one of the top picks in Antalya. It is a five start hotel located in Konyaalti Beach adjacent to the bustling center. The hotel has a modern spa, a tennis court, and an outdoor swimming pool. The guest rooms in the hotel have a balcony, a sitting area, and flat-screen TV that has satellite channels. Every room within the hotel has a mini bar. Every guest in the hotel is open to enjoy a wide range of international cuisine at the restaurants in the hotel. You may choose to take your meals indoor or outdoor and a glass of wine is available for every meal.


You can relax at a sauna or take some massage. The outdoor swimming pool has pal trees all round as well as a modern gym fitted with state of the art work out equipment. The hotel is open to everyone and it has free Wi-Fi.

  • Nashira Resort Hotel & Aqua-Spa-All inclusive

Residing in Nashira Resort Hotel & Spa, you are literally on the beach. This five star hotel is situated within the environs of Side Museum, Athena, and Temple of Apollo. It has over four hundred and ninety rooms that have conditioners in them. The rooms are also fitted with a mini bar and an LCD television. The balcony in each room is privately furnished.

The wireless internet in each room keeps the guests well entertained and occupied. Moreover, there is satellite programming that properly entertains the visitors throughout. Take some moments to relax at the fully serviced Spa and enjoy some moments of massage and facials. Outdoor swimming pools, water parks, and night clubs within the hotel will definitely make you appreciate the kind of service offered within the hotel.

Some of the featured amenities in the hotel are a computer station, express check in and out. You may also use the conference hall and meeting rooms within.

  • Sea life Family Resort Hotel


World class service awaits you in the Sea Life Family Resort Hotel. It is located approximately two minutes walk from the nearby beach. It has facilities and activities that cater for the whole family. Facilities ranging from Spa, swimming pools, snorkeling equipment, and diving.

The rooms in the hotel are fitted with air conditioners, and each room opens to a private balcony. Most of the rooms enable the occupants to view the Mediterranean Sea. Soft hues and contemporary furnishes are the décor that completes the rooms.

Guests can either have Italian or Mexican delicacies. Several bars and nightclubs are available. The beach is easily accessible through an underpass in the hotel.


City Guide for Antalya

The Turkish Riviera has Antalya as its gem and an ecstatic destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a superb holiday while swimming. The Turkish Rivera’s coast has incalculable beaches that are fir for all tastes. All high class restaurants and hotels can be accessed at the coast. Any visitor who wants to enjoy holiday life away from the beach has a chance to make interesting and captivating excursions to historic landscapes and ruins.

  • The city

Batula Ibn, a 14th century explorer, and his counterpart from Polo Marco termed Antalya as one of the most beautiful cities of all time. Current visitors to the city can this assertion as stated. The main city of Antalya is found on the east of Mediterranean coastline. The land on which this city lies is pretty fertile and flat and its background has some mountains that are covered beautifully with snow. You cannot be disappointed since you will even get a chance to learn the history of Antalya as given by Romans, Seldjuks, and Byzantines.

Coast, Antalya, Turkey
Coast, Antalya, Turkey

It has some small antique mosques as well as a muddle of dilapidated and refurbished wooden houses known from time immemorial. Harbor Yat Liman has a collection of comfy minute cafes and bars that have spaces where you can sit and enjoy the nearby boat life since there is a nearby bay.

  • Do & See

Antalya city has must sees for persons of all ages and any taste that one can prefer. The city is awash with places that can be visited by people who enjoy history. Such sites are Hierapolis, Hadrian’s Triumphal Arch, and YivliMinareli.

Families visiting with their children are catered for by an aqua park referred to as Troy Aqua and another one called Dolphinarium. Other places to visit are Belek and Side. Find your favorite place for attraction and enjoy yourself.

  • Antalya Museum

In this historic museum, you expect to find Roman Statutes that have been preserved properly for people of all ages to view. There are also remnants of the theatre that was in Perge. Among the showcase for icons, you will find a jawbone for Santa Claus. Santa Claus was born and buried in Patara and Demre respectively. More to find in the museum is costumes for folk songs and stunning rugs. The museum is closed on Mondays.


  • YivliMinareli

This is the landmark of the city and it was built in the 13th century. Sultan Keykubat is the person who built this ribbed minaret. The nearby place is a vivacious city centre and a statue of Kemal Ataturk.

  • Hadrianus Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch is said to have been erected before the visit of the Emperor in 130AD. It is part of the town of medieval. The old town of Antalya is accessed from this point.

  • Perge

This was the home for the Hittites in 1500AD before the colonization of the Greeks immediately after the Trojan War. A Roman theatre is available and a large stadium that dates back to the old days when Apostle Paul stopped for one of his missions.


Best Budget Hotels To Have A Great Holiday in Antalya Without Blowing Up Your Budget


Holidays are a great time for everyone. You get to see new places, meet new people and experience new cultures. However, many times we feel we have to save up a substantial amount before we can even think of planning a holiday abroad. If you are planning to travel to Antalya in Turkey this year, shelve those thoughts away because there is no reason why you have to blow up your entire budget on expensive hotels when the draw is the place itself. With process that start as low as $10, these hotels give the traveler some really good deals that make it hard to pass up on, so you may be having that well deserved holiday sooner than expected.

  • La Porte Boutique Hotel

Prices at this hotel are exceedingly reasonable without compromising on the quality and have the amenities and features that you have come to expect when you’re travelling. Living on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean living badly and this hotel proves exactly that. Located on Konyaalti Beach in Antalya, this hotel is only 15 kms away from the airport and attractions like Aqualand and Antalya Aquarium are within walking distance or 1 km away. With free wifi throughout the hotel, you are sure to have a lovely time, especially as you relax at the pool or dine at the restaurant gazing out at a beautiful sunset.

  • Sibel Pansiyon

This is a small but charming hotel that has palms, mulberry and orange trees in the garden. Your host Sylvia will welcome your day in with a glass of orange juice as well as coffee that she will bring to you. Enjoy friendly conversation with her as you reside in the beautiful hotel with white washed windows. The rates are so reasonable that you may decide to extend your holiday here. You can walk to the Hıdırlık Tower which is only a 2 minute walk away. It has easy access to the Airport which is only 14 kms away and if you wish, tours of the Old City and other places can be arranged.

  • Sky Kamer

This well priced boutique hotel offers rooms with a fantastic view of the sea and the mountains. They have thrown in so many features for free that it feels like you’ve stepped into your own place and the best thing for tourists is that it is within walking distance from all the major tourist spots in Antalya. Take a six minute walk to Hadrian’s Gate, a nine minute walk to the clock tower, an eleven minute walk to the Yivli Minare Mosque and Antalya Harbor and a twenty minute walk to the Antalya Archeological Museum. A tip – try to get a room on the higher floors with a sea view and you can consider yourself extremely lucky.

  • Villa Verde

Located in the heart of the historical Kaleiçi district of Antalya, this nice quality pension (which is a type of lodging and the term they use for a small hotel) is nicely furnished, offers a friendly service and is extremely easy on the pockets. It is within walking distance of all the tourist hubs and the hotel has an ancient mosque right outside the hotel, which makes for a unique view. You can opt to take a tour of the city from the hotel itself and it can be arranged and will prove to be cheaper than choosing to go with a local tourist agency. If you are planning to stay here, be sure to ask for a room facing the ruins.


Antalya: An Introduction


Turkey is a country with ancient roots and Antalya even more so. The area where Antalya is was first settled by the Attalid Dynasty in 200BC. Antalya then thrived under the Roman Empire which saw the construction of several monuments which can be seen to this day like Hadrian’s Gate. The city has seen many empires take over like the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The city found peace and stability under the Ottoman Empire for five hundred years since 1391, was transferred to Italian suzerainty after the First World War but a new independent Turkey was established after the War of Independence.

Established as ‘Attaleia’ after the founder Attalos II who was the king of Pergamon, the name evolved from Adalia to finally settling on Antalya and it has no relationship to Anatolia, even though there are close similarities in the names. The city served as a powerfully naval base for King Attalus II and recent excavations have revealed that Antalya was a rebuilding of an earlier settlement or town which dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Antalya is the biggest international sea-port of Turkey and it is located on the Turkish Riviera. Tourism has received a major boost from large scale development and also with funding from the government and this resulted in a record amount of visitors visiting in the year of 2014 which totaled 12.5 million tourists.

Antalya enjoys the warm Mediterranean climate as it is sheltered from the northerly winds by the Taurus Mountains and enjoys at least 300 days of sunlight which is a huge draw from many inhabitants of Europe. Although Antalya has a rich architectural heritage, much of it is lost as the new modern city was built on the ancient one. It has architecture that can be dated back to Hellenistic times, but you will see more examples of architecture from the Ottoman Period in the form of mosques, Turkish baths, madrasahs and tombs which give the city its Turkish – Islamic identity. If you are visiting the city, you will see many preserved architectural examples in the walled city of Kaleiçi.

If you wish to reach this city, you will have to do so by air or by land as sea routes are still being developed. Travel within the city is fairly easy and you can choose to use privately run minibuses which are privately owned but are controlled by the municipal government. You can also use the public bus system which runs on the Antalyakart system. There are tram services which run through the city to select locations like the city center and various historical tourist sites.

To really bring home just how popular this tourist city is, in 2007 the amount of international passengers travelling from Antalya Airport surpassed the total number from the main Istanbul Ataruk Airport as well as Saibha Gökçen International Airport and was dubbed ‘the capital of Turkish tourism’. There are various events and festivals that are held in this city due to its long lasting warm weather condition which makes it an ideal place for many tourists who want to get away from the gloomy rainy skies of England or other European countries that do not enjoy so many sunny days.

The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira which is abbreviated as TL and the currency currently stands at 2.88 TL per $1. This, coupled with great accommodation deals, warm climate and affordable holiday packages has further contributed to Turkeys rising popularity as a tourist destination. With the average monthly income of a Turkey resident amounting to approximately 1500 TL, it’s safe to say that your holiday will be a very comfortable one on a relatively modest budget.


Festivals in Antalya


Antalya is a city and a province that has palm trees lined on its boulevards is mad for football and has a lot of natural beauty to keep the tourist entertained. But Antalya is still much more than that. It brings together the old and the new, ancient architecture that co-exists with the modern world and is a hub and host to may international tournaments, competitions and festivals. Festivals are a part and parcel f any culture all around the world and each are unique in themselves. Let’s find out what festivals are celebrated in Antalya so you can be a part of it should you decide to visit during the same time as they occur. After all, what better way to experience the culture in the area than to celebrate and be part of the festivals celebrated there?

  • International Antalya sand Sculpture Festival

This festival is considered to be one of the largest sand events worldwide and brings sand artists as well as tourists from all over the world to be a part of it. Held between the months of May to November, this sand event features many wonder of the world, both real life and fictional ones. Sandland brings to the visitors a glimpse into the talent of various sand artists who recreate master art collections that will leave you amazed at just how life like they seem. With an entrance fee of 20 Lira, it’s a small price to pay for a chance to see all the wonder of the world in one place.

  • International Opera and Ballet Festival

This is considered to be one of the most popular events in Antalya and takes place annually in the months of June and July. This area is known for its world class performances as renowned ballet dancers and other performers come to participate in this festival from all over the world. What makes this festival truly unique is that it is held in the 2000 year old ancient Roman Aspendos Theatre of Aspendos, near Antalya. This theater is very well preserved with very little renovations been done to it and with most of the original features still intact. Organized by the Turkish State Opera and Ballet directorate since 194, companies like the Ankara State Opera and ballet, the Mersin State Opera and Ballet, Zürich Ballet, İzmir State Opera and Ballet and the Deutsche Oper Berlin have presented popular operas and ballet performances here.

  • Antalya International Folk Music and Dance Festival Competition

What is life without song and dance? Usually starting in August of each year, this festival runs through until the following January and features various performances of folk dances as well as music from not only Turkey, but across the world. Colourful performances depict local and traditional life and folk heritage in many venues across Antalya and the diversity in Turkish culture will surely be an eye opener for many visitors.


  • The Antalya Film Festival

This is Turkey’s most important film festival and is marked in every film maker’s calendar. Held annually since 1963, it takes place in the autumn months after the heat of the summer is over and before the cold of winter starts. The last edition took place from 29th November – 6th December 2015. The festival was known as the ‘Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival’ earlier before the name was changed.

  • Antalya Mediterranean Latin Dance Fest

This takes place in May and brings performers from all over the world to compete against each other to win coveted prizes. Visitors can watch and be dazzled by cool moves, mesmerizing sways and turns and they can even try their hand in learning a few steps to impress their friends or partners.


Food For the Hungry Tourist: Best Restaurants in Antalya


Antalya is a popular summer holiday destination and with many tourists flocking there to get their tan on as well as to see the sights, the hotel and accommodation industry has boomed. With great stay deals, it is important to also know the best restaurants around so you can get the best dining experience in Antalya without the fear of having an upset stomach that could ruin your vacation. Here are the best restaurants in Antalya that will offer you the best cuisines and dining experiences so that you leave the restaurant happier than when you came in.


  • Seraser Fine Dining

If you are looking for a dining experience which truly gives you the authentic feel of the rich heritage that Antalya has, you should try this restaurant. It is located in a 300 year old house in the historical center of Antalya and it ensures that its guests leave with a memorable experience. Allow your senses to be awakened with the unique ambience and décor, the food and drinks which offer the best of International as well as Turkish recipes. Sculpture, hand crafted furniture and traditional ornaments will greet you at every corner as live piano music serenades you at your table.


  • Club Arma

As a guest, you will be treated to splendid views of the marina and the Old City. I was built by Italians in the late 19th century and this restaurant is considered to be the most established as well as one of the best in Antalya. The décor merges the old and new and brings to mind the rich heritage with the stone columns which reminisce of Ancient Antalya while the bricks and arches represent the Italian influence. Offering an a la carte menu with seafood and Mediterranean dishes, Club Arma come a long way since it was a flour mill and a flour storage point.


  • Il Vicino Pizzeria

For those looking to get authentic Italian food can get their taste buds satisfied at the Il Vicino Pizzeria. Located in Antalya’s historical centre, it is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and its excellent location may be a huge contributing factor to its popularity. The prices of the food are reasonable while the abundant menu ensures that patrons leave the establishment satisfied with the cuisine. If you are in the area, you should definitely try the bruchetta with tomatoes as starters and the signature pizzas and round up your meal with panna cotta for dessert.


  • 7 Mehmet

It is located just a few kilometers from the city center atop a lush green hill that overlooks the Konyaalti Beach. This is a very famous restaurant that is the brainchild and creation by chef Mehmet who has a long history and relationship with culinary matters. If you want to try a slice of Turkish tradition, you can enjoy the food with beautiful scenery as your backdrop. What more could you ask for.


  • Karaf Wine Bistro

It feels great to have a nice glass of wine to accompany your food during dinner and this place is a great choice for those who want to dine in style. Located in an old Ottoman house, it still houses many antiques and souvenirs that will entertain the visitors. There are also wine tastings in this newly opened bistro and there are workshops as well as dining and wine tasting events for tourists and locals alike. If you are in the area, you should definitely try the fajitas, cheese plates, steaks and soft desserts to whet your appetite.


Places of Interest in Antalya For Tourists


There is a lot to see and do if you are visiting Antalya in Turkey. This scenic city is so rich in heritage that just coming and relaxing in a five star hotel would be a waste. The city enjoys 300 days of sunshine yearly and this makes it a tourist hot spot. If you venture out from your hotel, you will see the many treasures that are scattered around the city that will leave you with an enriched experience of Antalya. Here are a few points of interest for the curious tourist.




  • Hadrian’s Gate

Also known as Üçkapilar meaning ‘three gates’ in Turkish, it is a triumphal arch that was built in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who visited the city in the year 130. It was not revealed until the city walls which enclosed the gate collapsed. Apart from the pillars, the entire construction, including the arches are made in decorative white marble and there are two towers on either side of the gate which belong to different eras. The southern one is known as the Julia Sancta tower and is from the Hadrian era and is constructed of plain stone blocks whereas the base of the northern tower dates back to an earlier era, the upper part of the tower belongs to the Seljuk period.


  • Düden Waterfalls

If you’re looking for a break from the view of the Mediterranean Sea, you can head to the Düden Waterfalls which is located in the province of Antalya. They are located approximately 12 kms from the city of Antalya (which is also the capital of the province of the same name) and they are formed by the recycle station water and end when the waters of the lower Düden Waterfalls drop in to the Mediterranean Sea.


  • KonyaaltıBeach

This is one of the two main beaches of Antalya and is located on the western side of the city. This beach is 7 kms long and stretches from the cliffs to the Beydağları mountains. If you feel like taking a stroll on the beach or want to take in the entertainment and sights which run along the beach, you can always head to one of the numerous bars, cafes, nightclubs or hotels located along the beach. It is frequented by locals and foreigners alike.


  • Karaalioglu Park

Located just south of Kaleiçi, this is a large park situated in the province of Antalya. You can easily reach this park via tram or even by foot and it contains a number of major attractions. There is the Hıdırlık Tower, a view of the cliffs, a view of the Gulf of Antalya and the Municipal city theatre where you can get entertained by one of the many shows that are hosted there.


  • Hıdırlık Tower

This is a landmark tower that is located in Karaalioglu Park and it is believed to have been built in the 2nd century CE by the ruling Roman Empire. Its function has been to serve as a fortification or as a lighthouse for the oncoming ships that travel to the port. This 14 meter high tower is particularly chosen for various Hıdırellez ceremonies and there are many Hıdırlıks located all over Turkey.


  • The Antalya Museum

This is one of the largest museums in Turkey and has 13 exhibition halls and an open air gallery. As of now, visitors can see over 5000 works of art and there are an additional 30,000 artifacts that are kept in storage which are not exhibited. It sheds a light on the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia regions in Anatolia and it won the ‘European Council Special Prize in 1988 which validates the importance and significance of the Museum.